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Welcome to the website I'm playing with instead of studying for my exams.

I'm learning html as I make this. Doing my best in any free time I get, this is very fun.

Please do explore my page as I'm making it. I have a Gallery with some art inside. I hope it looks as good to you as it does to me.

Don't expect the language to be consistent in the links and comics, my brain won't let me stick to English alone. So if you see random Spanish, that's just my mother language making an appearence.

You can also check my worldbuilding project. And follow me here going to my profile.

Feel free to look at my other social media, have fun!

And thanks for visiting!!!!

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07/05/2024: Added images to NSFW.

05/05/2024: Added videogames list Videogames to Writing .

05/05/2024: Added wiki page for characters and worldbuilding Life Turns Nasty Wiki.

05/05/2024: Added tab icon to every page.

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